I am your SERVER not your SERVANT!

As I previously wrote I am attempting to figure myself out and fix all the mistakes I have made over the past few years. No, I am not doing as well as anyone from my private high school is 7 years after graduation, but I am trying. And as I have stated before I am always so proud of those who have done well for themselves, but today I honestly can say that most people in this world are miserable despite their accomplishments.

I wait tables in a bar, it actually is a lot of fun; everyone I work with is nice and in general the customers are lovely. Before I begin my rant I have to state that I honestly feel that EVERYONE should attempt working in the service industry for at least a month to see how truly shocking the human race can be. Also in case you all do not know, people in the service industry work of tips. Meaning I make an hourly wage of $2.68 and by the time I get my paycheck state and federal taxes make that check $0.00.  It can be great money, I have made $400 in one shift once, but I have also made close to $10 in one shift. Being in the industry you HAVE to learn how to manage your money, because everyday is a gamble, you can either make loads of money or zero. That being said I cannot tolerate people who do not tip 20%! This is how I make my living and being demeaning, demanding and rude to just tip me 20% or WAY less makes me want to ring your neck!

My whole life I have been a hard worker whether it be a job like this or my internship in college. I work hard and I play hard, it is a part of my nature. Today the bar I work at had a promotion that made certain items on our menu cheaper than most. Needless to say it was SLAMMED and unfortunately for me with extremely cheap and utterly rude human beings. Normally I kill rude customers with kindness, I have been doing this for a while so I know the drill, but tonight I reached my breaking point. One table set there for hours and tipped me $2.00 on a $69.75 tab, I overheard their reasoning for this as being stated as such ‘We are in Med school’. I have a lot of choice extremely vulgar words for these people, but I held my tongue. It is statements like that, that make me doubt people and make me feel like an utter loser. Here I am trying every shift to make ends meet so I can afford my rent, car, bills, health insurance just to be tipped less than 1% by some medical students who feel they are entitled and I am not. After all I am just their server, I am a loser nobody to them. Times like this I just want to scream at people ‘I could be just as ignorant as you and not tip right and being doing extremely well for myself!’ but I never say that. Because let’s face it, they’re right I have done this to myself. I failed and now I must work my butt off every week and deal with other human beings treating me like I am just another stupid waitress.

I am so lost in life and days like today often make me wonder about the ‘What ifs?’ ‘What if I had finished school?’ ‘What if I was able to attend that grad school aboard?’ ‘What if I hadn’t let life consume me and swallow me whole?’ ‘What if?’ ‘What if?’ ‘What if?!?’. I can say all this until I am blue in the face is, but the fact remains I screwed up and I alone need to fix this situation, so I am not treated like this for the rest of my life. But despite all this I think it is only fair everyone out there realizes, I AM SERVER, NOT YOUR SERVANT, so please do not treat me like garbage.