• I am in my mid-twenties.
  • I have failed at finishing school
  • I work in a bar



Here is the TRUTH about not being like the rest of the 20-Somethings out there, you are not a minority, even though you may feel like you are ALL OF THE TIME! I am sure there are people out there that think I am going nowhere in life and yes if I continue on my current path I probably be like the people my family use to feel bad for. The reason I say this is because I had a bright future. I lived aboard did fairly well in school, but life happens and sometimes it can takeover. Yes, I am about 1 class away from getting my college degree. You read that correctly 1 class away. Why have I not finished? I shall quote the above statement again ‘life happens and sometimes it can takeover’.  I use to be a confident teenager, than an EXTREMLY ANNOYINGLY confident early 20-Something. But things happen and consumed me, leaving me less confident and fearful of every little life step. My family and close friends don’t know about my not having a diploma. The only person who knows is my boyfriend, and he is pretty much the only good thing I have got going for myself now a days. I plan on telling everyone eventually and taking my LAST course, but first I need to conquer my many internal demons I have developed over the past few years.


I like to blame lots of things at failing at life my family, my poor choice of men and friends, my over confident early 20 year old self, my childhood. These things change day by day or I mesh them altogether, either or it all comes down to me and no one else. I need to become proactive.


Now the reason I wanted to write this blog is because I have found when speaking to friends that I grew up with, or from high school or college, or from anywhere they all feel ashamed of being a lost 20-Something. And social media isn’t helping because all you see are photos of people you knew from the past or currently that are getting GREAT jobs, or their MASTERS, or are getting MARRIED and starting families, while you are living week by week, hoping that somewhere in the dust you will find your way. Yeah it SUCKS that we lost 20-Somethings have not found our life path yet. And in no way am I not proud and happy for those I know who have. It is just hard because as every year passes, 30 is creeping towards me and making me question ‘Who am I?’.


I want people to read this blog and pass it along. I will not be posting about this in anyway on my facebook, twitter, or God forbid my instagram. I want people I don’t know to read my rants of being ‘in the middle’ and relate and laugh. Life can be hard and when you are lost and in your mid-20’s sometimes your adventures are worth sharing. So from one Lost 20-something to another….enjoy…..